With each wash cycle.
For programmes with pre-wash only.
(Follow the user instructions!)
Electric indicator on control panel (if provided).
Check the rinse aid level
Load the baskets
Select a programme
Running the dishwasher
Fill the detergent dispenser
Scrape off any large amount of leftover food. Soften remnants of burnt food in pans,
then load the baskets. Refer to the dishwasher loading instructions.
Switch on the appliance
For detailed operating method read the corresponding content on the instruction manual.
Switch off the appliance
Turn off the water tap,
unload the baskets
Warning: wait a few minutes (about 15 minutes) before unloading the dishwasher to avoid handling
the dishes and utensils while they are still hot and more susceptible to break.
They will also dry better.Unload the appliance, starting from the lower basket.
Changing the programme
Add forgotten dishes in the
When the working cycle has finished, the buzzer of the
dishwasher will sound 8 times, then stop.
Turn off the appliance using the On/Off Button.
If the appliance is switch ed
off during a wash cycle.
Open the door carefully.
Hot steam may escape
when the door is opened!
If the appliance is switched off during a wash cycle, when switched
on again, please re-select the washing cycle and operate the dishwasher
according to the original Power-on state ..
1. A running cycle can only be modified if it has been running for a short time. Otherwise the detergent
may have already been released and the water already drained. If this is the case, the detergent
dispenser must be refilled.
2. Press the On/Off button to stop washing , Then press this button to reset .
3. Turn the selector to select a new programme.
4. Restart the dishwasher.
1.Press the Start/Pause Button to stop the washing.
2.Open the door a little .
3.After the spray arms stop working, you can open the door
4.Add forgotten dishes.
5.Close the door
6.Press the Start/Pause Button, the dishwasher will run
after 10 seconds.
Turn on the water tap and press the Start/Pause Button. The machine will start working
after about 10 seconds.
Close the door,turn the Washing Program Selector to select a desired programme.
( See the section entitled Operating instruction )
Press the On/Off button to switch on the appliance, Open the door.
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