Figure 7
Dishwasher installation steps
Install the furniture door to the outer door of the dishwasher using the brackets provided. Refer
to the template for positioning of the brackets.
Adjust the tension of the door springs by using an Allen key turning in a clockwise motion to
tighten the left and right door springs. Failure to do this could cause damage to your dishwasher
(Illustration 2)
Connect the inlet hose to the cold water supply
Connect the drain hose. Refer to diagram (Figure 6)
Connect the power cord
Affix the condensation strip under the work surface of cabinet. Please ensure the condensation
strip is flush with edge of work surface.
Place the dishwasher into position.(Illustration 4)
Level the dishwasher. The rear foot can be adjusted from the front of the dishwasher by turning
the Allen screw in the middle of the base of dishwasher use an Allen key (Illustration 5A). To adjust
the front feet, use a flat screw driver and turn the front feet until the dishwasher is level (Illustration 5B).
9 The dishwasher must be secured in place. There are two ways to do this:
A. Normal work surface:Put the right(left) installation hook into the slotoftheright(left)sideplaneand
secure it to the work surface with two woodscrews (Illustration 6).
B. Marble or granite work top:Bend the right(left) installation hook into right-angle,and put it into the
slot of the right(left) side plane and secure it to the work surface with two woodscrews s (Illustration 7)
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