please close the hydrant after using.
Positioning the Appliance
How to Drain Excess Water From Hoses
If the sink is 1000mm higher from the floor, the excess water in hoses cannot be drained directly
into the sink. It will be necessary to drain excess water from hoses into a bowl or suitable
container that is held outside and lower than the sink.
Water Outlet
Connect the water drain hose. The drain hose must be correctly fitted to avoid water leaks.
Ensure that the water inlet hose is not kinked or squashed.
The following things should be checked before starting the dishwasher.
Syphon Connection
Insert the drain hose into a drain pipe with a minimum diameter of 40mm, or let it run into the sink, making sure to
avoid bending or crimping it. The top of the hose must be less than 1000mm.
The content of this manual is very helpful to the users.
After installation, please make sure to keep this manual.
Extension Hose
If you need a drain hose extension, make sure to use a similar drain hose.
It must be no longer than 4 metres; otherwise the cleaning effect of the dishwasher could be reduced.
1The dishwasher is level and fixed properly
2The inlet valve is open
3There is a leakage at the connections of the conducts
4The wires are tightly connected
5The power is switched on
6The inlet and drain hoses are knotted
7All packing materials and printings should be taken out from the dishwasher
Connect the cold water supply hose to a threaded 3/4(inch) connector and make sure
that it is fastened tightly in place.
If the water pipes are new or have not been used for an extended period of time, let the
water run to make sure that the water is clear. This precaution is needed to avoid the
risk of the water inlet to be blocked and damage the appliance.
Position the appliance in the desired location. The back should rest against the wall behind it, and the sides,
along the adjacent cabinets or walls. The dishwasher is equipped with water supply and drain hoses that can
be positioned either to the right or the left sides to facilitate proper installation.
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