The dishes were not
loaded correctly.
See notes in " Loading the Dishwasher Baskets ".
Select a more intensive programme.
See" Wash Cycle Table ."
Use more detergent, or change your detergent.
Rearrange the items so that the sp ay can rotate freely.r
Clean and/or fit the filter combination correctly.
Clean the sp ay arm jets. See "Cleaning the Spray
Use less detergent if you have soft water and select
a shortest cycle to wash the glassware and to get
them clean.
Use a mild abrasive cleaner to eliminate those marks.
Re-loading the dishes properly.
Load the dishwasher as suggested in the directions.
Increase the amount of rinse-aid/refill the rinse-aid
Do not empty your dishwasher immediately after
washing. Open the door slightly so that the steam can
escape. Begin unloading the dishwasher only once t
he dishes are barely warm to the touch. Empty the low
basket first. This prevents water form dropping off
dishes in the upper basket.
In short program the washing temperature is lower.
This also lowers cleaning performance. Choose
a program with a long washing time.
Water drainage is more difficult with these items.
Cutlery or dishes of this type are not suitable for
washing in the dishwasher.
The programme was
not powerful enough.
Not enough detergent
was dispensed.
Items are blocking
the path of sp ay arms.r
The filter combination
cabinet is not clean or
is not correctly fitted.
This may cause
the sp ay arm jets
to get blocked.
Combination of soft
water and too much
Aluminum utensils
have rubbed against
Dishes block
detergent cups.
Improper loading
Too little rinse-aid
Dishes are removed
too soon
Wrong program
has been selected
Use of cutlery with
a low-quality coating
When some malfunctions come on, the appliance will display error codes to warn you:
Longer inlet time.
Faucets is not opened, or water intake is
restricted,or water pressure is too low.
Some element of dishwasher leaks .
The Rapid light flicker fleetly
The Glass light flicker fleetly
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