GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
Restoring Bluetooth Module
If the Bluetooth module is not performing as expected, try returning
the settings to the defaults.
For the Bluetooth module, tap Reset on the Accessibility tab in
Resetting the Hardware
If the GRS-1 does not operate after a software reset or the GRS-1 has
become completely unresponsive, then perform a hardware reset. A
hardware reset reverts all settings to defaults and erases all
applications and data stored in RAM.
To perform a hardware reset (Figure 7-2 on page 7-5):
1. Disconnect all cables and remove the inserted SD card.
2. Simultaneously hold the ENT and ESC buttons while pushing the
software reset button with the stylus pen for two or more seconds
(Figure 7-2). The unit turns off.
3. Press the Power button.
A hardware reset erases all RAM data and
Regular backups ensure RAM data and applications
can be restored.
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