GRS-1 Problems
P/N 7010-0926 7-7
Check that the cable is securely connected and undamaged.
DThe GRS-1 may have a defective charger or defective internal
If, after changing the battery or connecting an external power
source, the GRS-1 still does not power up, contact TPS
Customer Support for advice. See “Obtaining Technical
Support” on page 7-10.
GRS-1 Problems
The following are some of the most commonly encountered problems
with the GRS-1.
The GRS-1 is not receiving data (corrections) from an external
DCheck the Bluetooth LED. The LED will be blue when a
connection has been established.
DCheck if BTManager was closed manually.
If BTManager was closed manually (tapping the close button
on the title bar), the port used for communication between the
GRS-1 and an external device will be disconnected from the
Bluetooth module.
1. Open BTManager and check the Bluetooth Indicator:
Red – no connection between BTManager and the
Bluetooth module.
White – a connection between BTManager and the
Bluetooth module has been established.
Green – via a serial port, a connection between the GRS-1
and an external Bluetooth-enabled device has been
2. If needed, select the device to connect to, and tap
For more information, see “Connecting the GRS-1 and a
Bluetooth Device” on page 3-4.
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