GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
Installed software and other data has been erased
DThe battery in the GRS-1 has been completely drained or a
hardware reset has been performed.
Reinstall all software. See “Installing Software” on page 2-9
and the software manual for details.
Restore data backed up from the CF card.
Bluetooth Problems
The following are some of the most commonly encountered problems
with the GRS-1.
The GRS-1 is no longer connected via Bluetooth
DCheck the Bluetooth LED. The LED will be blue when a
connection has been established.
For information about connecting Bluetooth devices, see
“Connecting the GRS-1 and a Bluetooth Device” on page 3-4
You cannot connect to another Bluetooth-enabled device
DIf you encounter an error message while pairing with other
Bluetooth-enabled devices, use Table 7-1 to learn which
actions to take to correct the error.
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