Obtaining Technical Support
P/N 7010-0926 7-11
To contact TPS Customer Support via e-mail, use one of the
following electronic mail addresses (Table 7-2).
When e-mailing TPS customer support, provide the following
information for better, faster service:
1. The device’s model and configuration settings.
In TRU (Topcon Receiver Utility), click FileReceiver Info
and click Save to file. Enter a name for the file and save it to your
computer. Attach this file to the email.
2. The serial number of the device (located under the battery).
3. The system/hardware specifications for the device(s); such as,
operating system and version, memory and storage capacity,
processor speed, etc.
4. The symptoms and/or error codes/messages that precede and
follow the problem.
5. The activities being tried when the problem occurs. If possible,
include the exact steps being taken up to when the error message
or other problem occurs.
6. How regularly the problem occurs.
Table 7-2. Technical Support E-mail
For Questions Related To... Use...
Hardware (receivers, antennas, firmware) hardware@topcon.com
GPS+ and 3DMC psg@topcon.com
OAF options@topcon.com
RTK rtk@topcon.com
PC-CDU pccdu@topcon.com
If in doubt... support@topcon.com
For quick and effective support, provide a detailed
description of the problem as described below.
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