Terms and Conditions
P/N 7010-0926 vii
and Conditions in this Manual and an agreement to abide by these
Terms and Conditions. The user is granted a personal, non-exclusive,
non-transferable license to use such Software under the terms stated
herein and in any case only with a single receiver or single computer.
You may not assign or transfer the Software or this license without
the express written consent of TPS. This license is effective until
terminated. You may terminate the license at any time by destroying
the Software and Manual. TPS may terminate the license if you fail to
comply with any of the Terms or Conditions. You agree to destroy the
Software and manual upon termination of your use of the receiver.
All ownership, copyright and other intellectual property rights in and
to the Software belong to TPS. If these license terms are not
acceptable, return any unused software and manual.
CONFIDENTIALITY This Manual, its contents and the Software
(collectively, the “Confidential Information”) are the confidential and
proprietary information of TPS. You agree to treat TPS’ Confidential
Information with a degree of care no less stringent that the degree of
care you would use in safeguarding your own most valuable trade
secrets. Nothing in this paragraph shall restrict you from disclosing
Confidential Information to your employees as may be necessary or
appropriate to operate or care for the receiver. Such employees must
also keep the Confidentiality Information confidential. In the event you
become legally compelled to disclose any of the Confidential
Information, you shall give TPS immediate notice so that it may seek a
protective order or other appropriate remedy.
WEBSITE; OTHER STATEMENTS No statement contained at the
TPS website (or any other website) or in any other advertisements or
TPS literature or made by an employee or independent contractor of
TPS modifies these Terms and Conditions (including the Software
license, warranty and limitation of liability).
SAFETY Improper use of the receiver can lead to injury to persons or
property and/or malfunction of the product. The receiver should only
be repaired by authorized TPS warranty service centers. Users should
review and heed the safety warnings in an Appendix.
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