P/N 7010-0926
Appendix D
Warranty Terms
TPS laser and electronic positioning equipment are guaranteed
against defective material and workmanship under normal use and
application consistent with this Manual. The equipment is guaranteed
for the period indicated, on the warranty card accompanying the
product, starting from the date that the product is sold to the original
purchaser by TPS’ Authorized Dealers.1
During the warranty period, TPS will, at its option, repair or replace
this product at no additional charge. Repair parts and replacement
products will be furnished on an exchange basis and will be either
reconditioned or new. This limited warranty does not include service
to repair damage to the product resulting from an accident, disaster,
misuses, abuse or modification of the product.
Warranty service may be obtained from an authorized TPS warranty
service dealer. If this product is delivered by mail, purchaser agrees to
insure the product or assume the risk of loss or damage in transit, to
prepay shipping charges to the warranty service location and to use
the original shipping container or equivalent. A letter should
accompany the package furnishing a description of the problem and/
or defect.
The purchaser’s sole remedy shall be replacement as provided above.
In no event shall TPS be liable for any damages or other claim
including any claim for lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or
consequential damages arising out of the use of, or inability to use,
the product.
1. The warranty against defects in a Topcon battery, charger, or cable is 90
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