P/N 7010-0926
Chapter 1
The GRS-1 receiver is a dual-frequency, GPS+GLONASS L1, L2
receiver and hand-held controller built to be the most advanced,
compact, and portable receiver for the GIS and surveying market. An
integrated electronic compass and digital camera make the GRS-1 an
all-purpose device that can also be utilized as a field collector.
The GRS-1 receiver is a multi-function, multi-purpose receiver
intended for precision markets. Precision markets means markets for
equipment, subsystems, components and software for surveying,
construction, commercial mapping, civil engineering, precision
agriculture and land-based construction and agriculture machine
control, photogrammetry mapping, hydrographic and any use
reasonably related to the foregoing.
The GRS-1 can received and process both L1 and L2 signals,
improving the accuracy of your survey points and positions. The
GPS+ component of GRS-1 receivers means you can access both the
GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites of the United States, and
the GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) satellites of the
Russian Federation, increasing the number of satellites your receiver
can detect, thus improving the accuracy of your survey points,
increasing productivity, and reducing cost.
The dual-frequency and GPS+ features of the GRS-1 combine to
provide the only real time kinematic (RTK) system accurate for short
and long baselines. Several other features, including multipath
mitigation and co-op tracking, provide under-canopy and low signal
strength reception. The GRS-1 provides the functionality, accuracy,
availability, and integrity needed for fast and easy data collection.
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