Getting Acquainted with the GRS-1
P/N 7010-0926 1-9
communication paths with other devices. An external GNSS antenna
connection allows for an optional MG-A8 or PG-A1 dual-frequency
antenna to be connected for RTK surveying applications.
The standard GRS-1 package contains the following items:
GRS-1 integrated receiver/controller activated for GPS+Glonass
L1 signals
Lithium-ion BT-66Q battery
Stylus pen
Power adapter and US to EURO adapter
USB cable (USB A - Mini B) and power adapter cable
Hand strap, neck strap, and soft case
Software CD and operator’s manual CD
One-year warranty card
For more details on accessories and options available for the GRS-1,
contact your local Topcon dealer.
Rechargeable and Backup Batteries
The GRS-1 comes equipped with a rechargeable battery (Figure 1-2)
for powering the unit. The user can charge the battery in the unit or in
an optional battery charger. A backup battery is also located in the
battery pocket.
The battery provides seven hours of operation, depending on the
mode of the receiver. Under normal conditions, the backup battery
provides eight to ten years of power backup for data and system
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