GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
integrity. For more information, see “Powering the GRS-1” on
page 2-2.
Figure 1-2. GRS-1 Battery
GRS-1 Front
The front of the GRS-1 (Figure 1-3 on page 1-12) is the primary
interface with its components and installed software.
•The internal GPS antenna detects signals from GPS+ satellites
and sends them to the GPS receiver board for processing.
•The display screen and touch panel provides a graphical and
tactile user interface for the unit.
•The power button turns the receiver on and off.
•The ESC (escape) button exits from the current screen or
function. Pressing this button for one second or more opens the
Microsoft Windows Start menu.
•The ENT (enter) button applies settings, numerical values, and
records points (depending on the settings of internal software).
•The Bluetooth LED/Wireless LAN LED the status of the
wireless technology module:
Battery Cover Latch
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