System Cables
P/N 7010-0926 1-17
System Cables
The GRS-1 package includes standard communication and power
cables for communicating with the GRS-1 and providing a power
source. Table 1-1 lists the cables included in the standard GRS-1
GRS-1 Software
The GRS-1 comes with the following factory-installed software:
BTManager – a utility that manages and controls the Bluetooth
module inside the GRS-1. BTManager connects the GRS-1 and
other Bluetooth-enabled devices. For more information, see
“Connecting the GRS-1 and a Bluetooth Device” on page 3-4 and
“Using the Bluetooth Manager” on page 5-1.
Topcon Receiver Utility – a utility that manages and controls the
compass and GNSS settings. For more information, see
“Surveying with the GRS-1 Using Topcon Receiver Utility
Table 1-1. GRS-1 Package Cables
Cable Description Cable Illustration
AC Power cable and
Connects the GRS-1 to a
grounded outlet.
Cable p/n 22-060002-01
Adapter p/n 22-060001-01
USB cable
Connects the GRS-1 to an
external device (controller
or computer) for high-speed
data transfer and receiver
p/n 14-008081-01
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