GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
(TRU)” on page 3-6 and “Using the GNSS Compass, Camera” on
page 4-1.
Topcon Communication Manager - TPS Connection Manager is
Topcon’s tool that comes on the GRS-1 field controller to setup
the internal GSM modem for new network connections in
Windows Mobile 6.1.
Figure 1-9. BT Manager, Topcon Receiver Utility, and Communication Manager
Optional Accessories
Table 1-2 gives a brief list of optional accessories that can be used
with the GRS-1. Contact your dealer to purchase optional accessories.
Table 1-2. GRS-1 Optional Accessories
Accessory Illustration
External GNSS Antenna
for GIS, and Cable
Connecting an external
PG-A5 GNSS antenna
increases the range of the
PG-A5 p/n 01-844201-07
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