P/N 7010-0926
Chapter 2
Preparing the GRS-1
for Use
Before using the GRS-1, make sure the battery is fully charged. If you
are using other survey software, such as TopSURV, install it in the
office. Insert an optional SD card before beginning to survey.
Attaching the Hand Strap
The hand strap provides a comfortable, secure support for using the
GRS-1 on the job. The velcro extender at the bottom of the strap
allows for comfortable re-adjustment of the strap for larger or smaller
To attach the hand strap, thread the bottom end of the strap through
the hook on the bottom of the GRS-1 and press the velcro together.
Gently stretch the strap, and insert the metal end of the strap into the
strap slot on the back of the GRS-1.
Figure 2-1. Attaching the Hand Strap
When replacing the battery, remove the top end of the strap to access
the battery door latch.
Hand Strap Slot Hand Strap
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