Preparing the GRS-1 for Use
GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
Powering the GRS-1
The GRS-1 uses a BT-66Q battery for it’s primary power source.
When using the GRS-1 for static surveys, the battery will last up to
four hours. The battery will last up to fifty hours during continuous
standby use (that is, no GPS usage, the display LED is off, and the
touch screen is not being used). A backup coin battery and
rechargeable battery back up the GPS and clock settings.
Installing the Battery
The rechargeable battery can be charged using the power port and AC
adapter (see “Charging the Battery” on page 2-3), or either the
optional wall charger or cigarette lighter adapter.
To remove/replace the battery (Figure 2-2) do the following:
1. If needed, unhook the top of the strap from the GRS-1.
2. Open the battery cover, and remove the primary battery. The
GRS-1 automatically turns off when the battery cover is opened.
When the battery cover is opened, the device automatically
switches to suspend mode (power off).
3. Replace the battery with a fully charged one, making sure the (+)
and (-) symbols on the bottom of the battery are aligned with the
symbols in the battery casing.
4. Press to close the battery cover until it clicks into place, and
reattach the hand strap.
If the battery cover does not close, rotate the battery
180 degrees.
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