Preparing the GRS-1 for Use
GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
Center (Windows Vista) is required. The following software may be
useful for taking full advantage of the integrated features found in the
GRS-1 controller/receiver:
TopSURV – full-featured data collection software used on a hand
held controller. TopSURV is structured into several modules to
provide the user with a scalable, cost effective application that
can be utilized for all Surveying tasks. Use TopSURV to
measure and capture rich survey data sets with all types of
Topcon sensors.
Field Tools for ArcPad – field data collection software used on a
hand-held controller for GIS surveys. It is structured to provide
the surveyor with capture and update functions for geographical
data in a wide range of GIS-related applications.
Topcon Receiver Utility (TRU) – a utility that configures GPS
and DGPS receivers connected to a hand-held controller.
Installing software onto the GRS-1 requires a connection to a
computer that contains the software. Software is first downloaded
onto a desktop/laptop computer, then installed onto a connected
controller via Microsoft ActiveSync.
Refer to the corresponding manual for specific instructions to install
software onto the GRS-1.
Installing Microsoft ActiveSync ActiveSync or Windows Device
Center is available for free from the Microsoft website
(www.microsoft.com) and must be installed on the computer before
installing software onto the GRS-1.
Installing an Optional SD Card
SD (secure digital) cards can be purchased at a local computer supply
store. When inserted into the GRS-1, an SD card provides additional
data storage, as well as data transfer. The GRS-1 supports SD cards
with up to 2 GB capacity. This device does not currently support
SDHC cards.
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