Connecting the GRS-1 with Other Devices
P/N 7010-0926 3-1
Using the GRS-1
The GRS-1 can be used as a stand-alone hand held L1 device for
mapping, or with the external PG-A1 antenna as a dual frequency
RTK rover. When installing software or performing file transfers, the
USB cable or Bluetooth module connects the GRS-1 to a computer
for in-office processing. The GRS-1 can also be used as a controller
for other Topcon measurement devices such as manual and robotic
total stations, digital levels, and dual frequency receivers.
Connecting the GRS-1 with
Other Devices
The GRS-1 provides for direct connection to devices with either a
mini serial or USB port, devices that support Bluetooth and wireless
LAN operations, or with an external GNSS antenna (PG-A1, PG-A5
or MG-A8), as well as an optional internal cellular modem for
network connections for either differential corrections or pushing data
to the internet. The various devices are optional and can be purchased
from your local Topcon dealer or at a commercial retail store for
commercially sold products (such as the SD card).
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