Using the GRS-1
GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
See the help section of the software for details on how to set up and
use the software. If a connection is not possible with your computer,
see the Microsoft website (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/259369)
or contact the support center for the computer you are using.
Connecting the GRS-1 and a
Bluetooth Device
The GRS-1 is equipped with Bluetooth capability, so you can
transmit data wirelessly between equipment. The Bluetooth Devices
screen displays the List of Favorite Devices, so you can quickly and
easily connect with a saved device. If the device you are looking for is
not listed, then you can search for up to nine other Bluetooth-enabled
devices within range. Make sure the devices you are searching for are
To connect with a paired device:
1. From the Bluetooth Devices screen, highlight a device, and press
Figure 3-3. Bluetooth Devices - Select
2. If you cannot find a saved device on this screen, then press Tools
Device Discovery. An hourglass appears while BTManager
searches the List of Favorite Devices and then searches for up to
nine nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices.
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