Using the GRS-1
GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
Enter the pass key.
If an error message displays upon trying to connect, then it
usually means that the security settings of the remote device do
not correspond to the security settings of the GRS-1.
To correct this, make sure the Pass Key, Authentication, and
Encryption check boxes on the My Bluetooth Device screen
correspond with the security settings of the remote device.
For more information about troubleshooting error messages, see
“Bluetooth Problems” on page 7-8.
For more information about connecting devices and using
Bluetooth Manager, see “Using the Bluetooth Manager” on
page 5-1.
Surveying with the GRS-1
Using Topcon Receiver Utility
The GRS-1 can be used in many surveying situations. From GIS
surveying to data collection on a construction jobsite, the GRS-1
provides an integrated solution for all your needs.
Simple surveying (data collection) with the GRS-1 can be handled
with the on-board TRU software. Other surveys may require an
external GPS antenna and/or a Beacon receiver to acquire GPS
signals or correction data for better position accuracy.
Surveying with the GRS-1
For more information on TRU, see the Topcon Receiver Utility
Operator’s Manual.
1. Complete any required pre-survey steps as described in
Chapter 2.
2. Open TRU, and press DeviceConnect.
3. Select Connect UsingSerial Port, Port Name Com7.
4. Press Connect.
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