Using the GRS-1
GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
6. For the Antenna setting, select External.
Figure 3-6. GRS-1 and PG-A1/PG-A5/MG-A8 Antenna Setup
7. Edit the interval and elevation mask settings as needed.
Surveying with the GRS-1 and a
Beacon Receiver
1. Complete any required pre-survey steps as described in
Chapter 2.
2. Setup the Beacon receiver according to its documentation.
3. Using BTManager, connect the GRS-1 and GPS receiver as
described in “Connecting the GRS-1 and a Bluetooth Device” on
page 3-4. In BTManager, the BR-1 would be considered an
“Unclassified” device.
Connect GRS-1 and
External GNSS Antenna
Select External
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