Using the GRS-1
GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
page 3-4. In BTManager, the GNSS receiver would be considered
an “Unclassified” device.
Figure 3-8. GRS-1 and HiPer Series Receiver Setup (Using Bluetooth)
4. Configure the GRS-1 for data collection as described in the
corresponding software manual. For example, if you are using
TopSURV as the data collection software, refer to the TopSU RV
Reference Manual.
5. Via the data collection software, begin logging data.
6. When you reach a location to record a point, pause and press the
Ent (Enter) button on the GRS-1. Wait until the point is recorded
before moving to the next location.
Ensure the survey configuration is for an external
Connect GRS-1 and
GNSS Receiver via Bluetooth
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