Topcon Receiver Utility
P/N 7010-0926 4-5
A wrist watch. (Keep a distance of 15 cm or more between the
GRS-1 and a wrist watch.)
Because azimuth accuracy worsens near ferrous materials as
described above, correct the azimuth by methods other than
magnetism. For example, you can:
Determine the coordinates of two points from the DGPS function.
(The distance of two points must be 120 m or more.)
Determine the right azimuth from two known points on a map.
Calibrating the Compass
Calibrate each location before starting the measurement for an
accurate value.
When the unit is turned on, the previous calibration will be used. See
also “Recalibrating the Compass” on page 4-8.
To calibrate the compass:
1. Open TRU, and press DeviceGMS/GRS ToolsCompass
Figure 4-2. Compass Tab
Do not use an AC/DC adaptor at the time of
compass use.
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