Using the GNSS Compass, Camera
GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
Recalibrating the Compass
Recalibration is needed in the following cases:
The survey location changes frequently.
The GRS-1 receives a shock, such as being dropped.
The temperature changes 10 degrees or more.
The device is transported by car or airplane.
The device is attached to metal objects, such as a tripod and a
The battery is exchanged.
The magnetic field changes, such as an approaching car.
The device is near a strong magnetic object or material, such as a
permanent magnet, electromagnet, motor, transformer, AC power
supply, speaker, etc.
Viewing GNSS Information and
For more GNSS information and settings on TRU, see the Topcon
receiver Utility Operator’s Manual.
Using the Camera
To take a picture:
1. Press Start -> Pictures & Videos.
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