Working with Bluetooth Manager
P/N 7010-0926 5-13
authentication, then a passkey must be entered. Once
Authentication is selected, the Passkey can be edited.
Encryption: secures all data sent over Bluetooth.
Service Mode: BTManager allows the GRS-1 to connect with
other Bluetooth-enabled devices using serial port or dial-up
services. The connecting device needs to support the service
SPP (Serial Port Profile): provides serial port connection with
peripheral Bluetooth-enabled devices, including GPS
receivers which normally do not require authentication.
DUN (Dial-up Networking Profile): provides a standard to
access dial-up services over Bluetooth. The most common
scenario is using a mobile phone as a modem.
Pairing Bluetooth Devices
The Pairing Mode allows a remote Bluetooth-enabled device to
initiate a request to pair with the GRS-1. If the Pairing Mode option is
activated, then the GRS-1 switches to Pairing Mode for two minutes.
During this two-minute period, any remote device can attempt to pair
with it.
The GRS-1 accepts the first pairing request if the security settings on
the remote device match the GRS-1 security settings. You do not
need to activate the Pairing Mode option if the GRS-1 initiates the
pairing request.
Typically, Topcon Bluetooth-enabled GPS
receivers do not require a PIN upon connection. If it
is necessary, however, the PIN (up to 16 characters)
can be set for a Topcon GPS receiver by BTCONF,
the Topcon Bluetooth module configuration
Topcon Total Stations require a PIN on connection.
Typically, the PIN value is set to “1111”. This value
can be changed.
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