P/N 7010-0926
Chapter 7
This chapter will help you diagnose and solve some common
problems you may encounter with the GRS-1.
Check This First!
Before contacting Topcon support, check the following:
If software is unresponsive, perform a software reset. See
“Resetting the Software” on page 7-3 for details.
Check all external connections (cable and wireless).
Check all power sources for drained batteries or incorrectly
connected batteries/cables.
Check that the most current software is downloaded onto the
GRS-1, and the most current firmware is loaded into the receiver.
Check the TPS website (www.topconpositioning.com) for the
latest updates.
Then, try the following:
Reset the hardware. See “Resetting the Hardware” on page 7-4.
Restore default settings for the Bluetooth module and GPS+
receiver. See “Restoring Bluetooth Module Defaults” on page 7-4
for details.
Clear the SDRAM (remove the battery).
If the problem persists, see the following sections for other solutions.
Do not attempt to repair equipment yourself. Doing
so will void your warranty and may damage the
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