Using the Rechargeable Battery
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Using the Rechargeable
The FC-2500 comes with two rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
battery packs that provides up to 40 hours of operating time on a full
charge, depending on power management settings and peripheral use.
The battery packs are shipped from the factory without power, so
before using the FC-2500, fully charge the battery pack for a
minimum of three hours.
Li-Ion batteries are a stable and dependable source of electrical
energy, but can be sensitive to extreme temperatures. If you charge the
battery pack in extreme hot or cold conditions, it will not attain a full
charge until it is recharged again. As a precaution against overheating,
the FC-2500 has built-in temperature sensors that suspend the
charging process if the battery becomes too warm.
Because the battery pack is an electrical device, do not expose it to
moisture or wet environments. If the battery becomes wet, wipe it dry,
and then allow it to dry thoroughly for several hours before
attempting to use or charge it.
Do not leave the battery pack in a fully discharged state for extended
periods. This condition may cause one or more of the cells within the
battery pack to fail. When this occurs and the battery pack is
subsequently recharged, the failed cell reduces the total capacity of
the battery pack, thus making the battery appear to discharge faster.
The battery pack will not attain maximum capacity
until it has been charged and discharged
approximately four times. As a result, you may
experience shorter than expected operating time on
the first few uses.
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