Replacing the Batteries
P/N 7010-0909 2-5
To charge the Li-Ion battery pack (Figure 2-2), do the following:
1. Plug the power jack of the battery charger/power supply into the
2. Plug the battery charger/power supply into an available outlet and
leave for approximately four hours to fully charge the batteries.
Figure 2-2. Charging the Batteries
3. Once charged, disconnect the AC power supply. The FC-2500 is
ready to run exclusively on battery power.
Replacing the Batteries
Remove the batteries from the FC-2500 when not using the device for
extended periods. Store the batteries in a cool, dry location at normal
room temperature.
To replace the battery packs (Figure 2-3 on page 2-6), do the
1. Turn the power off.
There is a risk of explosion if the BT 66Q Li-Ion
battery is replaced with an incorrect type. Only use
the BT 66Q Li-Ion battery supplied with your
device or a replacement Li-Ion battery that is
supplied, recommended, or approved by Topcon
Positioning Systems, Inc.
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