Power Management
P/N 7010-0909 2-7
discharge rate in a full “Power Off” state is only slightly higher to the
self-discharge rate of the battery itself.
To lengthen the time between charges, shorten auto-suspend time –
The FC-2500 is automatically set to suspend operation to conserve
battery power when you have not used the keyboard or the stylus after
three minutes.
The auto-suspend time can be increased by changing the Power
settings in the Control Panel:
•Tap StartSettingsControl Panel.
Double-click the Power icon in the Control Panel.
•On the Power Properties dialog box, click on the Schemes tab.
•From the Switch state to Suspend drop-down list, select either
After 5 minutes, After 10 minutes, After 15 minutes, or After 30
minutes to auto-suspend time between battery charges.
Data Entry Using the Keypad
The joystick-style keypad (Figure 2-4 on page 2-8) has 55-keys with
easy screen navigation and alphanumeric keypad entry. You can also
access special keys via the FUNC key.
To enter data using the keypad, tap StartProgramsMicrosoft
WordPad. Using either numbers, letters, or a combination of both,
enter the preferred text. Press the CAPS key for capital letters and the
Space key to enter more text. To backspace, press the
Backspace key . To begin a new line press the Enter arrow
located in the directional circle on the FC-2500.
Allowing the batteries to remain in a low or very
low condition causes the device to enter Suspend
mode. Save your work, and recharge the device as
soon as possible.
Extended communication via the serial port, WiFi,
RS-1, and Bluetooth may require large amounts of
power to operate and can quickly drain the batteries.
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