Power Management
P/N 7010-0909 2-9
To open Microsoft Transcriber, tap StartPrograms
Figure 2-6. Microsoft Transcriber
Using the Integrated Camera
The FC-2500 comes with Topcon Positioning Systems’ eyeWARE
program pre installed, so you can take pictures and scan bar codes
with the integrated camera. You can also pass data to a text field that
has a focus in an application.
Power Status Icons
The FC-2500 displays power status icons (Table 2-2) in the status
area to indicate power use, charging status, and low battery
Table 2-2. Power Status Icons
Icon Description
Main batteries are charging.
Main batteries are low – approximately 60 minutes or less of
use remaining. The CHG/LOW battery LED blinks Red
once per second.
Main batteries are very low – approximately 20 minutes or
less of use remaining. The CHGELOW battery LED turns
solid Red.
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