Power Management
P/N 7010-0909 2-11
To set up the Screen Capture program, tap Start
ProgramsToolsScreen Capture. The ScreenCapture dialog
box displays. Make the following selections to capture a screen on the
Keyboard Hot Key – disabled
Capture Delay (sec) – select a wait time before the Screen
Capture program takes a picture (up to 9 seconds)
Auto run in the task bar – press and enable to take a picture by
tapping the Screen Capture icon in the System Tray
View following capture – press and enable to view the picture
immediately following the screen capture
Reset Counter – press and enable to reset the counter to zero
Figure 2-7. ScreenCapture Window
To change the default folder where the screen captures will be stored,
press My Documents at the bottom of the ScreenCapture dialog box
(Figure 2-7) to display the My Documents screen (Figure 2-8 on
page 2-12).
To deselect this option after making it active, tap
and hold the icon until the ScreenCapture dialog
box displays.
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