Power Management
P/N 7010-0909 2-13
Figure 2-9. Confirmation Dialog Box
2. Press Ye s to continue.
Manually Saving the Persistent Registry The FC-2500 internal
memory consists of DRAM and Flash. Typically, any changes made
to the FC-2500, including file creation, are temporarily stored in the
unit’s DRAM. To store the information permanently, copy the files
from DRAM to internal flash memory.
Consequently, if you do not store the information to flash memory
and the device loses power, all information stored in DRAM will be
lost; however, when you make changes that affect the registry, such as
changing settings in the Control Panel or installing software, you can
permanently store registry changes without writing to flash memory
by using the Persistent Registry.
To permanently store registry information on the FC-2500:
1. Tap StartProgramsToolsSaveReg. The FC-2500 begins
to save the registry. After the registry is successfully saved, a
message box displays.
2. Press OK to close the message box and return to the main screen.
Command Prompt Windows The command prompt window allows
you to execute limited MS-DOS command line arguments (e.g., CD
SystemCF, Run TEST.BAT, etc.).
The FC-2500 also stores registry information every
time you perform a suspend/resume operation.
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