P/N 7010-0909
Chapter 4
Configuring the
Creating an ActiveSync®
ActiveSync is a desktop utility program (available as a free download
from Microsoft) that allows you to synchronize certain types of
information between a PC and the FC-2500. You can also use
ActiveSync to transfer files and install programs on the FC-2500.
ActiveSync 4.1 supports PC sync via USB, FC-2500, or a Bluetooth
connection. It does not support remote PC Sync (via WiFi or LAN).
For information on how to make an ActiveSync connection using
Bluetooth, refer to the FC-2500•XL/eye Bluetooth User’s Guide.
USB Connection
By default, the FC-2500 makes an automatic ActiveSync connection
and prompts you to create a partnership when you connect a USB
cable between the FC-2500 and your computer.
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