Using ActiveSync
P/N 7010-0909 4-3
4. Select USB_Serial from the ‘Connect to desktop computer using
drop-down entry box, and tap OK to return to the PC Connection
Properties dialog box.
5. Tap OK again to return to the Control Panel selections.
6. Close the Control Panel and return to the Windows CE desktop.
Using ActiveSync
ActiveSync is a desktop utility program that allows you to
synchronize certain types of information between a PC and the
FC-2500. To operate ActiveSync on your computer, do the following:
Plug one end of the interface cable into your computer and the other
end into the FC-2500.
Start ActiveSync on the computer. The New Partnership dialog box
displays (Figure 4-3). Set up a “guest” connection to perform tasks
such as copying files or installing programs.
To create a guest connection during your initial setup, select No in the
New Partnership wizard, and then click Next. The ActiveSync menu
reappears. A “Connected” status displays in the ActiveSync window
(Figure 4-4 on page 4-4).
Figure 4-3. Set Up a Partnership
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