Configuring the FC-2500
FC-2500 Operator’s Manual
3. On the Services tab, click Add (Figure 4-7). The Service Name
dialog box displays (Figure 4-7). Select or enter the following
information and press OK. The IMAP4 Mail Service Definition
dialog box displays (Figure 4-8 on page 4-7).
Service type – select POP3 Mail or IMAP4.
Service name – enter a unique name for the service (once
entered, you cannot change this name).
Figure 4-7. Options Dialog Box – Service Panel
4. On the Required panel, enter or select the following (Figure 4-8
on page 4-7):
Connection – select the name of the connection you created
to connect to the mail server. If you are receiving e-mail
through a network (Ethernet) connection, select Network
If you want the Inbox to use your current connect, then select
(none). If you have not created a connection, select Create
new connection, double-click the Make New Connection
icon, and follow the on-screen instructions. When finished,
select the Inbox icon on the taskbar and continue setting up
the Inbox.
Server – Enter the POP3 Host or Server (IMAP4) name of the
mail server you use to receive and send messages.
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