Connecting to a Mail Server
P/N 7010-0909 4-7
User ID – enter the user name or mailbox ID assigned to you.
Password – enter the password you will use to access this
mail account.
Save Password – press and enable this check box if you do
not want a password prompt each time you connect.
Figure 4-8. Mail Service Setup Wizard
5. On the Optional panel, enter the following information
(Figure 4-8):
Domain (Windows NT) – if connecting to a network that uses
Windows NT domain security, enter the Windows NT domain
SMTP host for sending mail – if your mail service uses a
separate server for SMTP, enter the SMTP Host name. For
IMAP4 Mail service with an ISP, the ISP must use an SMTP
mail gateway.
Return address – enter your return e-mail address.
6. Click Next. The IMAP4 Mail General Preferences dialog box
displays (Figure 4-9 on page 4-8). Do the following:
For Connection Settings – press and enable either Disconnect
services after actions are performed.
Check for new message every – press ann enable to set a time
interval to check for new messages.
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