P/N 7010-0909
Appendix A
The sections in this appendix give the features and specifications for
the physical components of the FC-2500 hand-held computer.
FC-2500 Specifications
The following sections provide specifications for the FC-2500 hand-
held computer and its internal components.
General Specifications
Table A-1 lists the general specifications for the FC-2500.
Table A-1. General Receiver Specifications
Enclosure General Electric Xenoy
Color Topcon Yellow and Topcon Grey
Dimensions (Display area):
(H)10.85 in (217.6mm) x (W) 5.34 in (135.6mm)
Width (Keypad area):
3.05 in - 4.80 in. (77.5 – 121.9mm)
Width (Active area):
2.89 in x 2.19 in (73.4 – 55.6mm)
Weight (With Dual Batteries):
2.36 lbs
(Without Batteries):
30.20 oz (856.2g)
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