Regulatory Information
FC-2500 Operator’s Manual
EMC and Radiocommunications
Compliance Labeling Using the
C-Tick Mark
The use of the C-Tick logo below and the company ID (N13813)
indicates that this product complies with the Australian
Communications and Media Authority’s EMC (electromagnetic
compatibility) and Radiocommunication standards. The compliance
label also establishes a traceable link between the equipment and the
manufacturer, importer, or the agent responsible for compliance and
for placing it on the Australian market.
The C-Tick mark is a certification trademark registered to
the ACA (Australian Communications Authority) in
Australia under the 1995 Trade Marks Act and to RSM
(Radio Spectrum Managment) Group in New Zealand
under section 47 of the NZ Trade Marks Act.
The mark is only to be used in accordance with conditions laid down
by the ACA and RSM.
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