Print contains settings related to output from the internal printer.
Common....................................The function common to REF/KRT and TONO/PACHO is set up.
REF/KRT...................................The REF/KRT function is set up.
TONO/PACHO ..........................The TONO/PACHO function is set up.
In the "Common" the function common to REF/KRT and TONO/PACHO is set up.
* : Depending on the destination, preset values differ.
Meas. Data recording way
Data on credibility Measurement data is displayed in the order from low to high reliability.
Data with errorData without error The measurement data without error is displayed.
Data with error All the measurement data (including data with error) is displayed.
Meas. Count change mode 1x Meas. count change mode is set to "1x" upon power on. Multi
Multi Meas. count change mode is set to "Multi" upon power on.
IOL Camera Focus -19-+35
Set by up/down button Adjusts focusing point of camera on the measurement screen
in IOL mode. +0
IOL LED Brightness 0-100
Set by up/down button Sets brightness of alignment dot in IOL mode. 28
Stop Focus
OFF Even if focusing in Auto mode fails continuously,
do not stop auto alignment temporarily. ON
ON If focusing in Auto mode fails continuously,
stop auto alignment temporarily.
Descriptions Options Details Initial value
Barcode ON Barcode is printed. OFF
OFF Barcode is not printed.
Operator ID ON Operator ID is printed. OFF
OFF Operator ID is not printed.
Name ON "Name" space is available. ON
OFF "Name" space is not available.
Date ON Date is printed. ON
OFF Date is not printed.
Date style
YMD Print in Year/Month/Day format.
DMY*MDY Print in Month/Day/Year format.
DMY Print in Day/Month/Year format.
Patient No/Patient ID OFF Patient No./Patient ID is not printed. ON
ON Patient No./Patient ID is printed.
Device ID number ON Device ID number is printed. OFF
OFF Device ID number is not printed.
Serial number ON Serial No. is printed. ON
OFF Serial No. is not printed.
TOPCON logo ON TOPCON logo is printed. ON
OFF TOPCON logo is not printed.
Message OFF Message is not printed. OFF
ON Message is printed.
Message data Set by
keyboard display String of up to 72 characters. NULL
Line space 0-24
Set by number display Line space is set in dot units. 0
Auto Cut OFF Auto cut is not carried out. ON
ON Auto cut is carried out.
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