Important caution
The following patients need extra attention.
Patients with infectious disease such as Keratoconjunctivitis Epidemica
Ensuring the Safety of Patients and Operators
To avoid injury when operating the up/down button for the chinrest, be careful not to catch the patient's fingers.
The light emitted from this instrument involves potential risk; the longer the irradiation time, the more risk of dam-
age to the eye.
When the instrument operates with the maximum light volume, exposure for more than 2 hours will exceed the
safety guideline.
During alignment operation, please pay attention so that a patient's face does not move.
If the face moves, there is a danger that the main body will touch the patient's face.
When operating the instrument use much care so that operator's finger or hand is not pinched between the
reverse side of forehead rest, an measuring head and an ocular pressure measurement window. Or the operator
may be injured.
Preventing Electric Shocks and Fires
To avoid injury by electric shock, do not open the cover. For repair, call your service engineer.
To avoid injury by electric shock when changing the fuse, turn off the power supply and pull out the power cable.
Use the rated fuse.
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
This instrument has been tested (with 100/120/230V) and found to comply with IEC60601-1-2:Ed.3.0:2007. This
instrument radiates radio frequency energy within standard and may affect other devices in the vicinity. If you
have discovered that turning on/off the instrument affects other devices, we recommend you change its position,
keep a proper distance from other devices, or plug it into a different outlet. Please consult your authorized dealer
if you have any additional questions.
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