(3) Setting up the base
Simply place the base section (with measuring head) on top of the table, with outrigger rollers
aligned on top of the toothed rails.
Next, insert the rail covers in place over the rails, by inserting the flange of the cover into the
slight opening between the rail and table surface.
(4) Affixing the chinrest paper
Pull the chinrest paper pins out of the chinrest, by pushing them up from below. Next, place a
suitable quantity of papers on the chinrest and affix them in place with the two chinrest paper
Tear off one tissue paper after each patient and leave a new one in place for the next patient.
(5) Connecting the electrical cables
Turn off the power switch.
Then, connect the power cable and connector cable to the room receptacle and secure the
respective connectors.
* Check the setting on the voltage selector (except for the U.S.A. and Canada).
Voltage selector
Voltage selector
[for Europe]
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