Guidance and manufacturer's declaration - electromagnetic immunity
The OM-4 is intended for use in the electromagnetic environment specified below.
The customer or the user of the OM-4 should assure that it is used in such an environment.
Immunity test IEC 60601
test level Compliance
level Electromagnetic environment -
Conducted RF
IEC 61000-4-6
Radiated RF
IEC 61000-4-3
3 Vrms
150kHz to 80MHz
3 V/m
80MHz to 2.5GHz
3 V
3 V/m
Portable and mobile RF communica-
tions equipment should be used no
closer to any part of the OM-4, includ-
ing cables, than the recommended
separation distance calculated from the
equation applicable to the frequency of
the transmitter.
Recommended separation distance
d = 1.2
d = 1.2 80MHz to 800MHz
d = 2.3 800MHz to 2.5GHz
where P is the maximum output power
rating of the transmitter in watts (W)
according to the transmitter manufac-
turer and d is the recommended sepa-
ration distance in meters (m).
Field strengths from fixed RF transmit-
ters, as determined by an electromag-
netic site survey, a should be less than
the compliance level in each frequency
range. b
Interference may occur in the vicinity of
equipment marked with the following
NOTE 2 At 80 MHz and 800 MHz, the higher frequency range applies.
These guidelines may not apply in all situations. Electromagnetic propagation is
affected by absorption and reflection from structures, objects and people.
Field strengths from fixed transmitters, such as base stations for radio (cellular/cordless)
telephones and land mobile radios, amateur radio, AM and FM radio broadcast and TV
broadcast cannot be predicted theoretically with accuracy. To assess the electromagnetic
environment due to fixed RF transmitters, an electromagnetic site survey should be con-
sidered. If the measured field strength in the location in which the OM-4 is used exceeds
the applicable RF compliance level above, the OM-4 should be observed to verify normal
operation. If abnormal performance is observed, additional measures may be necessary,
such as reorienting or relocating the OM-4.
Over the frequency range 150 kHz to 80 MHz, field strengths should be less than 3 V/m.
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