(1) Cleaning the lens and mirror
If any dust settles on the lens or mirror, remove it as follows:
Use the cleaning brush, which is included in the standard accessories, to remove the dust. In
case any dust still remains, wipe it off using a soft cotton cloth moistened with a little alcohol.
Never use your finger or any hard object to clean the lens or mirror.
(2) Cleaning the gliding plate, base rail and shaft
If the gliding plate or cross-slide rail and shaft are dirty, an unsmooth vertical or horizontal
movement of the cross-slide results. Clean them with a dry cloth.
(3) Cleaning the plastic parts
To clean the plastic parts, such as chinrest and forehead rest, use only a cloth moistened with
a solution of neutral detergent and water to wipe off the accumulated dust. Avoid using other
types of cleansers.
(4) Cleaning applied parts
Wipe the forehead rest and chinrest with a cloth moistened with a tepid solution of neutral
detergent for kitchenware
Gliding plate
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