14.1 On-board Battery BT-52QA
zTo remove
1Push the battery locking lever and pull out the BT-52QA on-board battery as shown below.
zTo charge
1Plug the charger into the outlet. Use an AC cable compatible with the power supply voltage in use.
2Connect the charger connector to the battery, then charging will start.
Preparatory charging *1) will start. (The red lamp of the charger will blink.)
When the preparatory charging is completed, the charging status will be switched to quick charging
automatically. (The red lamp of the charger will light.)
3Charging will take approximately 1.8 hours. (The green lamp will illuminate.)
4After charging, remove the battery from the charger.
5Remove the charger from the outlet.
zTo refresh *2)
Press the refresh switch after starting charging above steps (1, 2 ), then discharging will start. Confirm
the yellow lamp illuminates.
After discharging is finished, charging will start automatically.
Time discharging battery charged fully is approximately 8 hours.
*1) About Preparatory charging
Before quick charging, the battery is charged using small amount current to measure its
temperature and voltage.
When the temperature and voltage is within a range, the charging status will change to quick
*2) About refreshing
Rechargeable battery can be used repeatedly by charging. If charging is repeated by the state that
capacity of the battery still left, operating time of the battery may shorten. In this case, the voltage of
the battery will be recovered by refreshing and operating time can be improved.
The lamp of charger
Red blinking : Preparatory charging
Red ON : Charging
Red lamp will illuminate during charging.
Green ON : Charging completed
Green lamp will illuminate after completely charging.
Yellow ON : Discharging
Yellow lamp will illuminate and discharging will start by pressing the refresh
(discharge) switch.
Red quick flashing: Abnormal outbreaks
Red lamp will flash when the battery life is over or the battery is broken down.
Replace the battery to new one.
Battery Outlet
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