zTo install
Place the base of the on-board battery into the GPT-3100N series, push the on-board battery
toward the instrument side till the battery clicks into position.
zDo not charge or discharge continuously, otherwise the battery and the charger may be
deteriorated. If charging or discharging is necessary, use the charger after stopping charge for
approximately 30 minutes.
zDo not charge the battery or discharge the battery in right after the battery is charged, it causes
deterioration of the battery in rare cases.
zThe charger may develop heat while charging, there is no problem of it.
Note: 1 Recharging should take place in a room with an ambient temperature range of 10°C to
40°C (50°F to 104°F).
2 If charging is done at high temperature, charging time of the battery may take longer.
3 Exceeding the specified charging time may shorten the life of the battery and should be
avoided if possible.
4 The battery source will discharge when stored and should be checked before using with
instrument .
5 Be sure to charge as stored battery source every 3 or 4 months and store in a place at
30°C and below when it will not used for a long period.
If you allow the battery to be completely discharged, it will have an effect on the overall
performance for proper charging in the future.
Keep batteries charged at all times.
6 For further information, see APPENDIX 2 “Precaution when Charging or Storing Batteries”.
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