1) For transportation, hold by the handle or yoke of the instrument. Never hold by the lens barrel as it
can affect the fixing bracket inside and reduce the accuracy of the instrument.
2) Never expose the instrument without a filter to direct sunlight. It may damage the components
inside the instrument.
3) Never leave the instrument unprotected in high temperature. The temperature inside instrument
may easily reach up to 70°C or above and will reduce the service life.
4) The instrument should be stored in the room temperature range of minus 30°C to plus 60°C.
5) When a high degree of precision is required for measurement, provide shade against direct sunlight
for the instrument and tripod.
6) Any sudden change of temperature to the instrument or prism may result in a reduction of
measuring distance range, i.e. when taking the instrument out from a heated vehicle.
7) When opening the carrying case and taking out the instrument, place the case horizontally, then
open the case.
8) When returning the instrument to its case, be sure to match the white positioning marks provided
with the case and fit it correctly into the concave shape inside the case.
9) For transportation, provide dampening or a cushion appropriately to avoid sudden shock or
10) For cleaning the instrument after use, remove dust using a cleaning brush, then wipe off with a
11) For cleaning the lens surface, use a cleaning brush to remove the dust, then use a clean lintless
cotton cloth. Moisten it with alcohol (or mixture with ether ) to wipe gently in a rotational motion from
the center out.
12) Even if any abnormality occurs, never attempt to disassemble or lubricate the instrument yourself.
Always consult with TOPCON or your dealer.
13) To remove the dust on the case, never use thinner or benzine. Use a clean cloth moistened with
neutral detergent.
14) Check each part of the tripod after extended use. Parts (screws or clamps) may work themselves
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