zAdjustment the contrast (0 to 9 ) of the display
This enable you to adjust the contrast of the display.
Press the up or down arrow keys to adjust the contrast.
zAdjustment the reticle illumination (1 to 9 )
This enable you to adjust the reticle illumination.
Press the right or left arrow keys to adjust the reticle illumination.
The switch of reticle illumination will be interlocked with the switch of display backlight.
zTurn the display backlight ON/OFF
To turn the backlight ON, press the [F1] key. Press [F1] again to turn the backlight OFF.
zSwitching the non-prism mode/prism mode
To switch the non-prism /prism mode, press the [F2](NP/P) key. For more information, see Chapter
zLighting, Blinking, and Extinguishing of Laser Pointer
Whenever the [F3] (L.P.) key is pressed, the laser pointer will light up, blink, or be extinguished, in
that order. The laser pointer assists with collimation by radiating visible laser light from the objective
lens to the target.
zThe laser pointer indicates the approximate collimation position of the telescope. It does
not indicate the exact collimation position. To adjust the laser pointer, see 17.2.2
“Checking the optical axis of Laser pointer”.
zWhen the EDM is working, the laser pointer will blink.
zYou cannot see the laser pointer when looking through the telescope. Therefore, please
look directly, with the naked eye, at the point indicated by the laser pointer.
zThe distance to which the laser pointer can be used will vary with climatic conditions and
with the eyesight of the user.
zWhen the laser pointer is used, the operating time of internal power source will become
Laser aperture
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