1.6 Serial signal RS-232C connector
The serial signal connector is used for connecting the GPT-3100N series with a computer or TOPCON
Data Collector, which enables the computer to receive measured data from the GPT-3100N series or to
send preset data of horizontal angle, etc. to it.
zThe following data will be output at each mode.
zThe display and the output at the coarse mode are the same as the contents above.
zOutput at the tracking mode is displayed as distance data only.
The details necessary for the connection with the GPT-3100N series are obtained from its Interface
Manual which is optionally available. Please refer to the manual.
Mode Output
Angle mode (V, HR or HL) (V in percent) V, HR (or HL)
Horizontal distance mode (HR, HD, VD) V, HR, HD, VD
Slope distance mode (V, HR, SD) V, HR, SD, HD
Coordinate mode N, E, Z, HR (or V, HR, SD, N, E, Z)
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