1. To turn the Omega blender on, switch to ON position.
NOTE: 
from the motor. This is normal and will dissipate with use.
2. Add food or liquid into the Eastman Tritan™ Container ensuring not to exceed the
‘MAX’ mark.
insert the clear inner lid into the blender lid and turn clockwise or counterclockwise to
lock into position.
4. Turn your blender ON, or select a speed, depending on model. The blender will start to
operate. The speed can be changed at any time during the blending process.
5. To stop blending at any time, turn switch to OFF position or switch ‘OFF’.
6. At the end of use, always ensure your Omega Blender is turned off by pressing or
switching ‘OFF’. Then unplug the cord. Ensure the motor and blades have completely
stopped before attempting to move. Disassemble, clean, and store the appliance.
NOTE: During the blending process, ingredients may stick to the sides of the container.
To push the food back onto the blades, switch ‘OFF’ and remove the power cord.
Remove the lid and use a rubber spatula to scrape down the sides of the container.
Replace the lid before blending.
NOTE: If any moisture or liquid appears on top of the motor base during blending, switch
‘OFF’. Remove the Eastman Tritan™ Container. Wipe the motor base immediately with a
dry cloth or paper towelling. Check that the container is correctly assembled.
On most models, the power cord comes
equipped with a three-prong (grounding)
plug which mates with a standard
three-prong wall outlet (Figure 1).
Please use approved 2 prong adapters
(Figure 2) when a ground is not available.
Do not cut or remove the round grounding
prong from the power cord.
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